#Blue100 Strategy-The mobiledork Origin Story



What is #Blue100?
#Blue100 is a simple. For years, Republicans have used techniques and strategies to diminish the strength and power of the working class.  From voter suppression to divide and conquer.

It's time to extinguish the Republican Party for once and for all.  Here's how:
  1. First we #VoteThemOut
  2. Next, anybody that GOP member to win an election we background check until we find chargeable offenses.  Demand their prosecution.   On conviction  #ImpeachAndReplace.
  3. If a sitting GOP member isn't impeachable, we start a petition based on voting record and we #RecallThemAll, replacing them with our preferred candidates.
  4. We #FixTheSystem so that we can never have what happened in the last 40 years happen again.
  5. Any Candidate we vote for must #PledgeToReform.
After the Federal offices have been replaced. State and local governments are next.  We must remove ALL vestiges of the GOP from US government.  The minority can NEVER rule the majority again.

What are the reforms in the Reform Pledge?
Judicial Reform
  • Expand the Supreme Court to 29 justices - cases decided by a random panel of 9, decision to hear a case is a supermajority decision from ALL 29 justices
  • Lifetime appointments must rotate to another seat or branch.
  • Maximum term in one seat is 14 years.
  • Mandatory retirement at 70 years

Legislative Reform
  • Autopass rule - Any legislation not taken up by either chamber after 90 days passage automatically is sent to President's desk for signature as approved.
  • Term limit is 3 terms or 14 years which ever is less.

Executive Branch
  • Appointments - a bipartisan commission will fill any appointments not made within 90 days of inauguration or vacancy.
  • ALL personnel must be independent, shall not self-deal and are subject to prosecution at anytime for criminal wrongdoing.
  • Failure to comply with treaty, or Congressional inquiries will be punishable by CRIMINAL charges and jail time, not fines
Election Reforms
  • Abolish the Electoral College - The Popular Vote must win
  • Voter Suppression is a Federal Felony - punishable by the harshest penalties
  • Campaign finance - Maximum spending is $50 per constituent / total candidates in race. FEC binds all spending.  No election season may start without an fully staffed FEC.  States must pass and have a valid FEC.  HRA and HAVA must be fully restored as intended.
Human Rights Reforms -Basic Rights are Hurman Rights
  • Police Officers are PEACE Officers and will be held accountable as such
  • Military tactical equipment sales to municipal police organizations are outlawed
  • Chokeholds and no-knock warrants are illegal
  • Qualified immunity is banned for any profession, unless contractually granted
  • Tort reform is rescinded.  Consumers cannot unilaterally waive right to sue or redress or band together in class action
  • Universal Basic Income replaces SNAP, TANF, PASS, SSI, etc. except for RRB and SSA, SSDI
  • Comprehensive Basic Healthcare replaces (Medicaid, ChIP and all other except for FEP, TRICARE, VA and Medicare Premium Free (may receive refund in lieu of).

Are You Ready? Take the Pledge!

I pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America.  And to her Republic, which I wil reform so that racism, graft and corruption, wil never defile her again.